Because of its dependability and toughness, the Mitsubishi L200 is a popular pickup truck type. It is the result of decades of development by the Japanese automaker Mitsubishi Motors, guaranteeing that it may be used for commercial as well as home applications.

However, with a 4×4 capable of transporting or hauling heavy loads, there will always be some wear and tear, as well as the ultimate failure of some sections. This month at Milner Off Road, we’ll go over some of the most prevalent flaws with the Mitsubishi L200 so you know what to look out for if you own one or intend on acquiring one in the near future.

So few common problems with DPF, turbo and ABS.

Engine light on DPF light on, a couple of problems with them when don’t have proper service on the vehicle. Service interval is 12500 Miles or 12 mouth. P252F fault code engine oil level too high is calculated with engine ECU, not with a sensor that comes when not reset after service or has any problems with DPF or other system. We can check the real mileage/kilometres with a diagnostic machine, is in the engine ECU and what is not writable but in the odometer is writable so have a point to check, what I see is the highest clocked vehicle it was 100K miles. More information about this problem is here: Mitsubishi L200 oil level is too high reset P252F DPF on.

DPF fails to regenerate when using low-quality incorrect engine oil, EGR valve fault or any fault in the system a faulty turbo pipe just check the pipe under the power steering pump if the pipe fits incorrectly or too close to them just the pulley is cut out, fault DPF temp sensors just check with a diagnostic machine or blocked DPF.

More information about DPF system is here: Mitsubishi L200 DPF System How Is work?

More information DPF SCR system is here: Mitsubishi L200 MK6 Adblue, catalyst information and warning light.

Turbo failing a lot when the engine oil not replaced at the right time, low quality incorrect engine oil used. We can see on the picture the DPF full blocked mixed carbon and engine oil.

When the turbo is replaced with new make sure the intercooler is clean out coupole of liter can we found in there, and the DPF we can also clean out or some company is do it.

Squealing the belt is that nightmare you can do anything and not stopping squealing until replacing these two parts is really sensitive, when you replace is make you smiling the Mitsubishi part number is: bottom pulley 1341A089 Belt number is 4451A147

ABS problem when you see on the dash many warning light on ABS, 4WD etc. Possible the rear ABS wire damage by animal some reason like it we can see on the picture how damage.

When the ABS sensor is replaced just check before the resistance if different not sure working correctly.


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