TPMS light on or flashing is three different main problems.

First is the easiest if the warning light stays on, and one or more tyre pressure drop-downs under 204 Kpa is 2.4bar.

So just check all tyre pressure and pump up the right pressure which is 2.4 bar 240Kpa normally or higher when towing or having a heavy load in the car just simply check in the manual. when the pressure is right just start to drive and reset self about 2-3 minutes.

The second one when the warning light flashes probably cost you more, the reason is the sensor lost communication but is not much time to happen if no one replaces the sensor without coding. The sensor is located on the wheel with the tyre valve. So if you have replaced the tyre and the light starts flashing the TPMS sensor is broken can when you drive with a fully flat tyre or by tyre machine many tire places say just need to recode but is not possible I see a lot like this.

Just start to complain straight away not after a day and days. The other reason the TPMS sensor broke itself or lost coding is not many times happen.

Third, when replacing the tyre and getting a different size or brand tyre between the axle and the wheels spin different speeds is can generate fault in the EV system, abs system four-wheel drive system happens when the speed out of the tolerance, you have a possible warning on the dash and the brake pedal vibrating when push the footbrake.


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