LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) in the vehicle? This is an interesting question look around first, we have, flammable aircon gas after the 2016 model, high voltage battery, and fuel tank, and we put LPG gas what is flammable? Is this feeling like a spaceship’s seat on the fuel worth it or not? Everyone chooses to want it or not, the installation cost is about £1200 + yearly service so need calculations before fitting in the vehicle, if driven yearly, 10000 miles and petrol compulsion 40 Mpg we can save £500 per year so 3 years the cost of installation with service cost when returning the invested money so sounds good? Long driving periods or high miles driving looking to save some money and have less emissions. Some countries get low road tax but the car insurance is going up that’s why need to first calculate the cost for everyone.

It’s advantages

-LPG cars produce less CO2 is much cleaner burning fuel

-Cheaper fuel cost

-Small savings annually 

-Possible extended engine life 

-extend travel distance

-not more dangerous than petrol or diesel fuel but altogether I’m not sure

It’s disadvantages

-LPG conversion expensive 

-Found fuel station is not easy and needs to drive extra miles

-LPG fuel tank takes up large boot space

-Extra routine service or repair cost

-Banned to  parking someplace 

-Not easy to sell 

Is just a few things but everyone can think about any point to invest or not.


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