What do?

Power is provided to the oil feeder control valve from the motor control transfer connector terminal. The motor ECU connector terminal OCVI causes the power semiconductor in the unit to be in the ON position, and that makes flows go on the oil feeder control valve.


The motor ECU controls the spool valve position of the oil feeder control valve relating to the driving state of the motor and consistently changes the point of the camshaft.

Inconvenience Judgment. Actually, take a look at the Conditions

Power supply switch: ON

The assistant battery’s positive voltage value is in excess of 10 V and is under 16.5 V.

The oil feeder control valve is OFF.

Judgment Standard

The motor ECU terminal current of the oil feeder control valve circuit value is under 0.1 A for 2 seconds.

Or then again

The motor ECU terminal current of the oil feeder control valve circuit value is more than 2.9 A

Likely explanations

Bombed, damaged oil feeder control valve

Open/short out or bridle harm in oil feeder control valve circuit or free connector contact /disconnect/

Bombed motor ECU

Analysis Methodology

Have a look oil feed control valve operation check, and measure the resistance on the control valve between the connector which is  6.9 – 7.9 Ω (at 20°C) if the resistance is out of tolerance replace the control valve.

Disengage the connector, and measure at the wire side. Power supply switch: ON. The voltage between the terminal power supply line and the body earth. If fail check the power line for open/short circuits, or replace, and repair damaged wire, or damaged or corroded connector between the engine control relay and control valve line.

After the repair clears the fault code take to the road test and check the function to ensure is working properly check again any fault code is set or not.


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