P1ADF-P10D9 Fault code +B line voltage

The electric motor switch’s power supply mode is turned on, or the drive battery begins to charge.

The power supply voltage of the sub-battery management unit [BMU (SUB)] is abnormal. The calculation of the battery’s current capacity is not conducted.

Possible causes

-The auxiliary battery is failed.

-The installation of the auxiliary battery terminal is failed.

-The on board charger/DC-DC converter is failed.

-Open circuits of sub-battery management unit [BMU (SUB)] power supply circuit, short circuits to earth or damage; poor contact of connector.

-The sub-battery management unit [BMU (SUB)] is failed.

Check whether the PHEV-ECU sets diagnosis fault code P0A09 which is related to the on board charger/DC-DC converter. The PHEV-ECU sets diagnosis code P0A09 when the DC-DC converter remains deactivated although the PHEV-ECU attempted to activate the DC-DC converter.

Possible cause for P0A09

-Malfunction of CAN bus line.

-Malfunction of the on board charger/DC-DC converter.

-Damaged harness or connector.

-Malfunction of the PHEV-ECU.

If there is any problem in the CAN bus lines, an incorrect diagnosis code may be set. Prior to this diagnosis, diagnose the CAN bus lines.

First step check 12v battery condition and capacity and system voltage, with diagnostic machine easy to check the system voltage on data list. Remove the auxiliary battery cable, measure the auxiliary battery no-load voltage. If 12v Battery capacity to low replace the auxiliary battery.

Determine how long the auxiliary battery should be charged by comparing the voltage measured. Charge the auxiliary battery for the determined time at a rate of 4.2 A (constant-current charging).

If the voltage ranges from 12.0 V to 12.4 V is ok, if less than 12.0 V, replace the auxiliary battery. more information about 12v battery is here: EV SYSTEM SERVICE REQUIRED OUTLANDER PHEV PROBLEMS, ISSUES.

Second step clear the fault code and take road test the vehicle if the fault still come back recommended more test what is (can do trained person,) voltage and resistance check ETC. If not trained person carry on do the test, easy to do damage more device.


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