The motor control unit /ECU/ controls the valve position of the oil feeder control valve compared to the driving state of the motor and consistently changes the period of the camshaft. The staging point of the camshaft is registered from the sign examples of the crankshaft point sensor and camshaft position sensor.

Inconvenience Judgment. Really take a look at the Conditions

Over 20 seconds have passed since the motor turning-over arrangement was finished. Motor speed is in excess of 1,188 r/min. The motor coolant temperature is more than 76°C.

Judgment Measure

The contrast between consumption valve open timing and target admission valve open timing is more than 5°CA for 5 seconds.

Likely explanations

Fault oil feeder control valve

Harm in oil feeder control valve circuit or free connector contact

Fault timing sprocket activity

Obstructed oil section

Fault camshaft

Fault motor ECU

The oil level to low to operate or the quality is not right

Analysis Methodology

Have look oil feed control valve operation check, and measure the resistance on the control valve between the connector which is  6.9 – 7.9 Ω (at 20°C) if the resistance is out of tolerance replaces the control valve.

Disengage the connector, and measure at the wire side. Power supply switch: ON. The voltage between the terminal power supply line and the body earth. If fail to check the power line for open/short circuits, or replace, and repair damaged wire, or damaged or corroded connector between the engine control relay and control valve line.

After the repair clears the fault code take it to the road test and check the function to ensure is working properly check again if any fault code is set or not.


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