Winter is coming cold, dark and Christmas, time is busy for everyone to keep running, and what about the car? We can check a couple of things, no one wants to wait for the recovery truck on a cold day or stuck n the road especially if we bring children with us. So here is a list and tips on what we can do at home or visit any local service point to do this check. If are you looking to buy some accessories you can get lot of discounts here:


Tyres is important that hold on the road and this is the main thing that we check to make sure the pressure is the right, condition, and depth the new tyre is approximately 8-9 mm the minimum legal limit depth is 1.6mm recommended tyre replacing tyres when they reach 3mm. If not sure how to do just pop in the local tyre service and I’m sure the guys help out with this check.

Winter and summer tyres differ in pattern and composition. Summer tyres function well at +7 °C; below this temperature, they become brittle and rigid, reducing their grip on the road. Winter tyres, on the other hand, retain their suppleness and grip flawlessly even at temperatures below +7 °C, and their pattern is specifically suited for winter roads. However, if car owners use winter tyres in the summer, the tyre might soften, leading it to wear considerably faster. In addition, their pattern restricts traction in the summer. Thus, it is most cost-effective to employ a winter and summer set in the appropriate seasons.

If we use the correct tyres at the time the braking distance is less than can be 15% and 50% example:

-the vehicle speed is 60Mph and raining, the temperature is <7°C the braking distance with winter tyres is between 40-60 meters, with summer tyres is over 60 meters is 15% different.

-the vehicle speed is 60Mph and snowing, the temperature is <7°C the braking distance with winter tyres is between 20-40 meters, with summer tyres is over 60 meters is 50% different.

Windshield wipers

Wipers are so important to make sure to see clearly, if squealing, smearing and on high speed is not clear properly is recommended to replace if a split or broken just replace imedently.

Screenwash need to be changed to winter type of one because it can be frozen and damage the pump, or the screenwash system.

– ice scraper and di-icer we can use to make sure all windows and wing mirrors are clear.


Regular check lights on the vehicle some vehicles tell you which light bulb is not working, some vehicle is not fit with this, just check around if the bulb is dimming, different colour or not working imedently replace it because the other driver can’t see you example: if the indicator is not working the other driver or pedestrian didn’t know where you go.

Just take this slogan: see and be seen!

Antifreeze Coolant

If your car is on regular service (health check) the technician checks the coolant level and strength and inform you is anything is failed but you can check the level every month and top up with antifreeze coolant some vehicle is fitted with a level sensor and warning you if the level is to low if the strength is too weak or filled up with water is can be damaged the coolant system when frozen.


The 12V battery in cold weather is losing capacity so just pop any local service point and let them check and replace it if recommended when losing capacity not sure to start the engine in this condition.

Avoid frozen doors

When washing the car in the wintertime without drying possible frozen the door lock and the whole door we can lubricate the door lock and some shops sell door seals spry protect from ice.

Fuel level

Personally, at that time I never let go of the fuel level below 1/3 tank never know when happen any road accident or need to wait for road assistance or stuck in the snow and need to run the engine to heat the cab so just keep top up.


Snow chains or socks are great when you are stuck in the snow or snowing heavily much easy controllable the vehicle and you get the chance to get home.

Warm clothing is necessary why

Blanket if the engine stop working it stops heating the cab so just keep warm yourself.

Emergency warning triangle if you have a brake down just located it behind the car about 40-45 meters warning the other driver because the visibility is less.

Hi-vis clothing is just located in the car and easy to access, if anithyng happens is can save your life and make sure you are visible.

The mobile phone just keeps your mobile phone in full charge never knowing what happens and easy to keep contact with emergency service and your family.

Torch you can give warnings to other people if you are in trouble and help you.

Jump lead or starter if the battery is going to flat much easier to get help or give help because not sure if someone has got more chance to help.

Tow rope if stuck better chance for help someone or get help.

Food, snacks, and drinks long waiting time if you are stuck is keep you hydrated.


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