I can tell if an Outlander PHEV has a problem with the aircon system because the aircon gas leak on the condenser a typical or common fault you can see in the picture. We are replacing a lot.

You can check the easy way by just looking in the bumper hole like in the picture.

High voltage can kill you, so do not remove or dismantle, Aircon compressor and orange cable high voltage component let to do the proper qualified technician.

 This is important for drive battery cooling down when you live in a hot country or charging with a rapid charger. Very safe vehicle if anything happens or overheats, the system shutdown the high voltage system but the drive battery can’t do anything without a/c gas so just keep up healthy. Another problem is when someone drains out removes the oil or fills it up with the wrong oil, or puts UV dye, Mitsubishi motors’ say not to recommend  UV dye in the system. Wrong oil break up the seals and UV dye damage the compressor coil and goes to short circuit. So just make sure to put the right oil in, the oil spec is non-conductive POE, rather than the usual conductive PAG oil.

Air conditioning gas R134a 590g /+-20g/  

Compressor oil MA68EV 100ml when the system is empty.                                                                                                                                                          

New  Air conditioning gas R1234YF 550g /+-20g/

Compressor oil MA68EV 100ml when the system is empty.


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