Yes, we can jump-start, the negative cable connects to EV condenser tank bracket and the positive cable connected to the engine bay main fuse box connector you can find an easy way to remove the fuse, relay box cover and visible the red plastic cover just pop up /is the owners manual if you have/ and connect the booster cable there and start the car, make sure is in ready mode when removing the booster cable if in the ready mode is starting to charge the 12V battery from the high voltage battery.

Jumpstart another car from this way is a big NO the wire is not designed to carry high current so just burn down this wire, the 12V battery keeps alive the system, located in the boot under the boot liner is not easy to access and to small to jump-start another car like diesel cars the high current can damage the 12V battery cells and the charger unit.

12V battery info:

12 Volts
-Capacity (C20)
45 Ah
325 A


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