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Reset not do anything what the video shows just reset the data list information or the worst thing damage the vehicle, this makes headaches for the Mitsubishi technicians in future. We use this option when replacing the drive battery and give information to the technician in the future time how many times charged, driven miles etc. Possibly we can see more mileage on the dash but that is not the reality. DON’T DO A RESET YOURSELF.

The reset for MMC:

BMU Reset on battery
Capacity reset
Age Reset
Discharge Curve Reset (fitness level)

This should not be done with the original battery. Capacity will not be the true value, and age and discharge curves will assume a new battery (for example fitness test 20-year-old v 50-year-old!). Can damage the battery.

DBCAM / drive battery capacity automatic measurement /.

This might suggest that the actual BCD /battery capacity degradation / is less than what the BMU /battery monitoring unit/  calculated, limiting the full usage of the battery.

We can see a lot of videos on how to do it in a few minutes but is not working, mostly damaging the charging system what is cost a lot of money./we are repairing a few like this/.

BMU battery management unit.

The battery management unit (BMU) is located on the right side of the rear wheelhouse inner panel and uses information from the battery sensors to monitor the drive battery condition. The BMU sends the information to the PHEV-ECU through the EV-CAN communication. (LIN backup.)

Electric current is measured in Amps, this is the equivalent of Litres/hour in the above example and is
measured by the flow meter (current sensor). In the example above, the “battery” can supply 1L/h for 40 hours (or 1 Amp for 40 hours) Battery capacity is measured in Amp-hours (Ah). Over time, the capacity of the battery will reduce due to the degradation of the chemicals inside the battery, the same as in mobile phones. This is normal and expected. MME warrant that the battery will retain at least 70% capacity over 8 years/100,000 miles. Battery capacity is calculated by the BMU by comparing the difference in current flow out of the battery when in use and the amount of current required to charge the battery to full. Maximum correction 0.5Ah per charge.

During normal charging, the BMU measures capacity and uses a sophisticated algorithm to give an accurate figure.

Capacity is affected by many things
Age (0.3% per month)
Usage (1% per 6200 Ah)
Average temperature (will degrade
faster at higher temperatures)
Average State of Charge (SOC)
Charge and Discharge Rate (fast
charging will degrade more)
And other confidential stuff!

Capacity by Model Year.

14MY to 18MY batteries are the same. MMC initially factored in 2Ah degradation from shipping and storage so use 38Ah for warranty (BMU can show higher if DBCAM is carried out). From 16MY, MMC determined this loss was not happening so warrant at 40Ah.

Cell Smoothing

Ensures all cells are fully charged. Can be done with MUT III, but happens anyway during normal charge. With MUT III, only does it for 45 Minutes. During normal charge, the process happens over several hours.

Drive Battery Auto Capacity Measurement

Drive Battery Auto Capacity Measurement (DBCAM). Can be done anytime. Full discharge. Full measured recharge. Maximum correction = 8Ah. The calculated capacity figure can be skewed if a vehicle is not used normally eg. Never charged, has very short journeys with opportunity charging, is fast charged continually etc.

The right step to do.

Here is the right step first need a MUT / proper Mitsubishi diagnostic machine / to make sure no fault code is can block to start of the process, the drive battery charge level is below 30% begins charging the battery with a 10Amp charger /normal charger/and make sure no any person disconnecting the charger under the process.

Connect the MUT without switching the ignition on but make sure the car information is correct, take a snapshot from the BMU data list, select BMU,-special function, -battery auto measured click on and then click the confirmation box.

The procedure will start.

You can note the fan start run, aircon compressor and cab fan it can take 12 hours or more to complete the procedure when finished the battery is a full charge and we take another snapshot from the BMU data list so we can compare the numbers.


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