The mystery EV button switches how to use just look around.

When the EV priority mode is selected, the EV mode logo is displayed within the instrument panel. The PHEV has an EV priority switch installed as of the 17 model year, and it is placed at the centre console in front of the four-wheel-drive lock button.

Differences The right side will explain what happens when the EV priority mode is selected, while the left side will explain how earlier models operate as well as what occurs on current models when the EV priority option is turned off.

It will be cold days when the EV priority mode has not been selected the engine will start when the heater is turned on.

Whereas the engine will not start under similar circumstances when the EV priority mode has been selected.

-In normal mode, the engine will start during sudden acceleration.

-However, the engine will not start when EV priority mode is selected.

-The engine will start during high load conditions for example when climbing a hill.

-It will not start when EV priority mode is selected.

Please be aware that choosing priority mode before choosing ready mode is important to avoid the engine from starting on a cold day while the cabin heater is in use. Use the following procedure to accomplish this.
-Press the power switch once without depressing the brake pedal to select accessory on mode.

-Always turn on EV priority To select ready mode, push the power switch once more while depressing the brake pedal.

This graph shows the power output in each drive mode. When accelerating in normal mode, the power increases linearly using the electric motor supported by the gasoline engine as needed as indicated by the graph’s black line, while in eco-mode, the power increases more slowly but still uses the gasoline engine to support the electric motors as indicated, by the green line whereas an easy priority mode power increases quickly at first but then suppressed Asha by the red line if the accelerator is pushed further past the kickdown point the engine will start and the power will then increase rapidly this is done as a safety feature once selected there are some circumstances when the engine will switch on during EV priority mode if a driver presses the accelerator pedal to be on the kickdown the engine will start is the vehicle speed reaches 75 mph.

When using cruise control or adaptive cruise control, the engine will start if high performance is required. Defroster switches that are used to clean the front windscreen will also start the engine. When the power switch is turned off, the EV priority mode is also deactivated, which is the default setting for the system. To improve acceleration in EV priority mode, the maximum output power of the battery has been increased from 60 to 70 kW. Finally, EV mode will also be deactivated if either the battery charge mode switch or the battery save mode switch is pressed.

Even though the EV priority switch has been depressed in some situations, an instrument panel warning message may appear if the mode cannot be triggered.
The engine will start when the battery is low and EV priority mode won’t be allowed.
The engine will start and the EV priority mode will be disabled if the driver consistently demands a high load.
The drive battery will be safeguarded if the outside temperature is too low by starting the engine and disabling the EV priority mode.
The engine will start if the engine maintenance mode is engaged, and even priority mode will not be allowed until the vehicle has received a minimum of 15 L of fuel.


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