Propulsion power reduced the warning message on the dash is not the space technology just simply the drive battery is empty and not enough power left to supply safety, it is the safety mode /limp mode/ to protect the high voltage system and the drive battery before it happens you can notice the high current component start turn off like aircon and heat system on 22%, heat system. On 17% battery charge drive power is reduced, on 13% vehicle stop. If you need a recovery truck or have to move the vehicle here some help how to do: Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV Can I Towing And Hoisting.

It happens when the drive battery goes to empty and the car towing something heavy /caravan horse box trailer/, going uphill a long time, overloading the car or driving like crazy. Worst when the engine can’t start because of something faulty or damaged mechanically on the engine side, this different problem.

Just press the charge button to charge the battery when seeing on the dash the battery level is going down rapidly and reduce the speed if have the chance better to stop safety place to charge faster special when the car is towing heavy stuff.

We can see on the picture what stage what happens.


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