What does the phrase “EV system service necessary” mean?

EV System Service Required Is to make everyone scared but is not always a serious problem, it is a multifunctional display that informs you that one or more diagnostic issue codes have been stored. To interpret the codes and diagnose the problem, you’ll need to contact the dealer who is trained for high voltage systems, to scan for fault codes and then advise you on the next process. If the vehicle is not moving you need to transport it, here is how to do it: Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV Can I Towing And Hoisting.

Some common problems.

12V battery is a small capacity 45Ah it just keeps live the system up and runs the accessories so when the voltage is dropped down to around 10 Voltage many warning lights turn on the dash and the vehicle not going into READY mode. Is that what can happen when the 12V battery is worn or running any accessories are without READY mode, for example when early cold morning the driver just pops out and turn the car heater on but forgot to push the brake pedal and not went to ready mode (so on that situation the 12V battery is not charged) just left ACC mode on and then the 12V battery going to flat, the is not start now, Mitsubishi dealer can read out that is stored in fault and show in the data list what happened when the fault stored. The fault code is P0562 Battery voltage is low.

12V battery info:

12 Volts
-Capacity (C20)
45 Ah
325 A

When we charge the 12V battery the charging current shall be 4.2 A or less. Charging time is 9 hours when fully discharged with 4.2 A constant current charging. We can jump-start here how to do: Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV can I jump start?

-Tyres, when mismatched different brands, sizes, and models many drivers have discovered that having various tyre types front/back causes the “EV System Service Required” alert, indicating that diagnostic codes are saved because the axle wheel speed, is different out, of the tolerance. Others have discovered that maximum regenerative braking is lowered. A few lucky people detected dangerous surging behaviour while regenerating in parallel-hybrid mode at highway speeds. And it affects the ABS system you can feel on the brake pedal the vibration. According to Mitsubishi, you must use the same type of tyre.

A/C aircon compressor when someone fills up with incorrect gas and oil or uses normal UV dye is can damage the compressor coil and go to short-circuit. Some information here: Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV aircon not working

PTC heater electric heater unit can overheat self when the coolant does not flow properly and burn out self for that have few reasons more information is here: Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV heating problem with PTC heater, filter

Fast, rapid charger

Some charger make fault in the system, in the first couple year many charger in the handle the turn of the switch /control switch , pilot switch / was broken and doesn’t tell the charger unit to turn off, so the driver just unplug under the high voltage before finishing the charging. Some charger units work different ways, need to tell them just finish the charging maybe afterwards unplug the charger handle. It still triggers the fault if the charger cable is faulty or the socket pin is pushed in because the plug is incorrect. 

The reason is list is very long, why the EV System Service Required message is the dash is just a few here, for the right diagnosis need to visit a proper workshop where the person trained for that.


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