The paint is not really great and very easy to damage, many owners complain about this stone chip on the front end, pealing from the bumper grill, the paint is soft, thin, and not the most resistant. Some vehicle looks like have chicken pox and some option can help like a protection kit or paint seal or just vinyl wrap the car. Many companies try to save money but like this that is not really nice. I think some 20 years old cars have better paint. The undercoat doesn’t show the difference. This is a Japanese car. So some information here for you.

If the vehicle is in the body workshop, or paint workshop the main battery temperature will be kept at 60°C or lower if the temperature grows higher possibly damaging the drive battery or due to rapid deterioration. Don’t need to be removed the main drive battery if using MIG or spot welding if not affected the high voltage system, but need to protect from spatter and arc. Because the body earth is not implemented with the high voltage system parts.

The body colour code is stamped on the vehicle information code plate, which is attached on the hood.

Colour codeColour numberColour nameCoating film structureComposition of film
SILVERA31CMA10031Cool Silver Metallic2MMetallic
GREYISH BROWNC06CMC10006Quartz Brown Metallic2MMetallic
REDP62CMP10062Red Diamond3CMMetallic
GREYU17CMU10017Titanium Grey Metallic2MMetallic
WHITEW13CMW10013White Pearl3PPearl
WHITEW37CMW10037White Solid2SSolid
BLACKX40CMX10040Ruby Black Pearl2PMetallic
BLACKX42AC11342Black Mica2PInterference Pearl

The coating film structure indicates top coating only (2S: 2 coat solid, 2M: 2 coat metallic, 2P: 2 coat pearl, 3P: 3 coat pearl, 3CM: 3 coat colour clear metallic).

For painting, inner panel colours should be similar to the outer panel colours.

The roof rail is coated in silver (AC11169).

The front bumper extension is coated in silver (AC11169).

The rear bumper extension is coated in silver (AC11169).

The front bumper centre cover is coated in black (AC10705).


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