A common problem with Outlander yes has a few, but many problems sort out under the recall so there is the point to take it to the main dealer for servicing because the dealer always checks the outstanding recalls and sorts it out. I can’t which is the first but is not like some other car models that seriously have problems like sized engines after 10-15K or keep snapping chains ETC. If are you have a problem with your vehicle some workshop dive discounts here: https://www.topcashback.co.uk/ref/edizon

So on my list the first common problem.[ez-toc]

The rear brake calipers

Handbrake lever shaft going to size because looks like the rubber dust cover do not seal properly and the corrosion makes stop working the handbrake, for this Mitsubishi 3 time got a recall to repair and replace the caliper. Front brake caliper, stuck or size yes we see every month couple of them more on the left-hand side, the first indication is the fuel consumption going worse possible smell as well or giving a strange nose, sometimes it is possible to manage to make to free movement so not always recommend replacing the front caliper. If the vehicle is under the warranty the caliper cost is free for you.

Rear EV motor mount breaking up

When starting to move forward or reverse, when accelerating harder noticeable bum or heavy knocking nose the mount is brake up and needs replacing.

Front shock absorber

Dust cover breaking up yes is affected about all vehicles after 30-40k miles, just needs to replace before making more problems.

No heating in the cab

Yes it comes about 50-60K miles first it starts blocking the filter I have another detailed post on this problem. Here Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV heating problem without PTC heater, and coolant filter.

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV heating problem with PTC heater, filter

Door locks

Unable to open the door inner or outer side because the door latch is stuck in the lock position it was a huge recall to replace it.

Front tyre

Wear on both edge yes affected all vehicles my opinion the tyre pressure is too low which is 2.4bar because have extra weight, the battery based on my experience recommends 2.6bar when the car is loaded with heavy staff 2.8bar.

Clicking noise from brakes

Clicking noise when moving forward to backwards I have another detailed post on this problem. Here Mitsubishi Outlander clicking sound from brakes.

DAB unit stop working

The first symptom is unable to chanal list or update the station list after start stop working intermittently for a few minutes and in the end stop working DAB side normal FM is ok, need to replace the DAB unit the full touch screen has cost more, some full touch screen type of stop working the screen but the dealer have update this problem.

Front seat squealing

The nose from the framework when the sponge is sliding on the metal frame is a couple of minutes to set out with the main dealer.

So this a few problems on my list but possible it has more Mitsubishi has modified parts of this problem to reduce return problems, but like software, problems sort out under the recalls or warranty, I can not say any serious problems if I compare it with a similar vehicle.


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